Spanking A-Z Challenge – J is for …



J is for…  Jaye. I’ve cheated.

There are lots of J’s in this post.


a jape is to blame

she jests again

hoping for a reprieve

the jibe fails

jauntily, she bends

her bottom jiggles nervously

she juts her butt higher

a jab, something lands on a cheek

she jolts

another, higher than she expected

the belt buckle jangles in his hand

she judders

her painful rump jives

jet black hair tumbles forward

jittery, she appeals

‘a joke!’

‘not justifiable’ his response

‘bad taste’

her joy seeps away

she’s jaded, weary

with jelly legs and jumbled thoughts

he halts

‘job done’




9 thoughts on “Spanking A-Z Challenge – J is for …”

  1. I liked that! And if we were playing with rules of how many J’s you could fit in one post, I think you won!!

    Very poetic, but still very hot… maybe it was just the phrase ‘the belt buckle jangles in his hand’ that got me.

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