Spanking A-Z Challenge – I is for …

I is for indulgence.

lie inA lie in.  Uninterrupted sleep. Snuggled down under the covers on a winter’s morning.

chocolate biteA bite of milk chocolate – good quality brand – cool but not cold, then let it melt in the mouth on my tongue, sucking gently.

bath soakA soak in a hot bath. Submerged under a layer of white foam bubbles, rose petal aroma flaring my nostrils, music in the background, warm sunlight drifting through the window and eyes shut. Blissful ignorance of the day’s stresses.

touched_thumbnailA massage. A deep penetrative massage of the back and shoulders. The kind that makes you wince slightly in pain as the fingers dig down and purge those knots. Feeling the weight of my body sink down and give. (Oh yeah, watch this space!!!)

readingA good read. Sitting out in the sunshine, under a parasol, bathed in warmth, a gentle breeze, the leaves shifting about on the branches and the birds chirping. The distance sound of a lawn mower, not to close to disturb. A book in one hand and glass of ice cold G&T in the other.

embraceAn embrace. In the middle of the day. Maybe it goes a little further… An unexpected entwining of limbs and coming together of lips.


My indulgences.


What about …

A casual swat, aimed low. Delightful given or received, or may be both 🙂


Do you have any? Would you like to share them?



4 thoughts on “Spanking A-Z Challenge – I is for …”

  1. I would go along with every one of those but I’d switch the chocolate for dark!
    Feeling warm and fuzzy now!

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