A picture tells a story #6 – playing some music

After a break last week, I hope I can find some musical inspiration with this picture. I’m wondering how old this picture is? I still have old LPs, but no player, which is a pity. How quickly technology moves on.

Girl and record player

flashfiction banner

The lightly applied rules:

  • No more than 500 words, but as little as I like. It could be poem if I’m short on time.
  • Something related to the prompt – it can begin it, or end it. It could be the background or the action, the setting or the people or maybe the words incorporated into the story.
  • It’s going to be erotic or romantic, possibly spanking or kink, but not every time. It depends on what comes to mind.
  • It got to be original. No excerpts or works in progress. If it turns into something bigger, great, that’s what I find flash fiction useful for – story ideas.
  • No cliffhangers. Preferably a beginning, middle and some kind of conclusion.

If you want to join in, just add  your link in the comments when I post my story.

3 thoughts on “A picture tells a story #6 – playing some music”

  1. Just to say, Jaye, that you can buy relatively inexpensive record players if you want to re-play your LPs. I still play mine. Apparently they are coming back into fashion again.

  2. Hi Jaye, very nice pic, and the theme is up your ally 🙂 I love that vinyl is making a comeback. Looking forward to your story 🙂


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